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Standard web hosting plan
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Standard web hosting plan low cost web hosting plan
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Main features

Setup Fee: Free
Monthly Fee: $9.95
Traffic: 5Gb
Disk Space: 300Mb
Mail Boxes: 25
Sub-domains: Unlimited
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Brief description

Standard web hosting plan

is a

low cost web hosting

plan, suitable for hosting of medium web sites (forums, communities, corporate sites). 5 gigabytes of monthly web traffic is equal to about 600 visitors per day. 300 megabytes of disk space are enough to store almost any possible web site, great number of e-mail messages and even your work files. Supported


technology allows to use dynamic java server pages (


) for advanced automation. Optional

Microsoft FrontPage

extensions support allows easy usage and upload even to unexperienced user while FTP, SSH and access to raw log files give full control to advanced users.

Other features

CGI scripts


PHP scripts


MySQL Database


Perl scripts


Server Side Includes

Custom Error Page
Java Server Pages (


Java Development Kit (




Web Site Statistics
Secure Shell (SSH) Access


upload of your files
Access to Raw Log Files
Web Based Control Panel (Ensim)
Web Based


E-mail autoresponders
IMAP e-mail access
Spam and virus

protected e-mail

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